Stuart Slind paints rich landscapes or figures with rich oil paint. His true direction as an artist came from his travels in Northern Europe. It was in the galleries and museums of Amsterdam, Oslo and other European cities that he found the historical and cultural ground in which to locate his paintings. It is as if the language of the Northern Renaissance painters allowed him to develop his own personal statement. The style and mood of his paintings may come from the past but the content is personal and of the present. “For me to be able to paint an image, I need to be able to connect it with my reflective intuitive life. If it has no personal meaning, I can not paint it. My painting is a personal, intimate practice by which I try to make real the more ephemeral emotional aspects of myself. In particular, that tangled area of hopes, faith and meaning.”

Stuart Slind studied art at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design and the Seattle Academy of Realist Art.